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Mia's new litter has landed!


Welcome to Wombleshyre Labradors. We are located in Northern New Jersey and are also members of the Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club.
We are dedicated to producing Labrador Retrievers who are physically and mentally sound family companions. Our Labradors are wonderful family members who train easily and are eager to please. We breed and show for confirmation and only breed when we want to keep a puppy

Breaking News

Mia's new litter has landed!
August 12th, 2023 Mia gave birth to 7 healthy puppies. Three female black, one female yellow and three black male
Mia is settling in nicely with her puppies. She is a great mama but she does not smother them
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Our Family

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Moula Pepper
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Our first Labrador was a star in her own right. Moula Pepper never thought she was a dog. Moula was a labrador mix who loved to live and act like one of us. She started to write her own blog and though she is no longer with us - her blog lives on through the eyes of her sister Souris Malo. You can read her blog at morningswithmoula
Souris Malo
Souris Malo joined our family in 2008 and is the sweetest little girl we have ever met. She is the peacemaker in the house and continues to write Moula’s blog

Souris is an avid swimmer and squirrel chaser and teaches the puppies all about toys.
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Brookberry Arabella Castellabate
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Arabella is our first show dog. She has proclaimed herself “keeper of the house” and everyone and everything in the house. She is pointed in Canada and had her first beautiful litter in 2017, check out their pictures below!

Arabella has now had three litters
Wombleshyre Izabella Castellabate
Izabella is Arabella’s daughter and our star! She has been in 15 shows before her first birthday and ribboned in every one. She loves swimming and is quite the diver, see her in action on her YouTube page! Diving Izzy
Izabella arrived in Arabella's first litter.
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Wombleshyre Miabella Castellabate
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Mia is a bright addition to the family. Famed for chewing everything under the sun, she has lit up the whole household with her unstoppable capacity for mischief, mayhem and making the whole house smile.

Miabella was part of Arabella's second litter and is now expecting her third litter of her own on August 11th 2023
Wombleshyre Fly Me To The Moon Raven
Raven is a very recent addition to the family and was part of Arabella's third litter. She is super smart and has worked out how to climb the steps onto our bed!

She is very cute and her only vice is she likes to collect towels we leave on the kitchen floor to soak up the mud and wet after the puppies come back in from the rain.
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Wombleshyre Here Comes The Sun Darlyn
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Darlyn is the latest edition to the clan! Our first yellow lab that we have kept since Souris. She was bred from Miabella's first litter.

Darlyn has settled into the pack and loves to show off in the ring!
Wombleshyre Queen of Our Heart - Lilibet
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Lilibet, from Mia's second litter, could be the next Izzy as regards temperament. Prefers to be with us rather than outside and not as crazy as her sister Vikki. She is a true sweetheart who everyone loves
Wombleshyre Her Little Majesty - Vikki
Vikkii, from Mia's second litter is Mia 2! Always up to mischief, super playful and athletic. She has taken to the pool like a fish in water and also shows great in the ring too!
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All the puppies at Christmas!
All the puppies together for Darlyn's first Christmas!
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Puppies (1st Litter)

All the Puppies from Arabella’s first litter!

Each breeding is carefully planned. We only breed when we're planning to keep a new pup for ourselves. We strive to breed good looking, healthy dogs with outstanding temperaments. All our dogs are hip, elbow, heart and eye cleared. All puppies are placed on an AKC Limited Registration. They are vet checked, micro-chipped, will have had their first shot, been de-wormed before they go home.

We encourage our puppy families to stay in touch we love to hear about the dogs and hope to be a resource to their owners throughout their lives.Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our dogs......
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